The wine in the Stone - Castel San Mauro


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What began in the Middle East 130 centuries ago? How the seeds of our civilization were sown: sheep farming, agriculture, domestication... Viticulture! How was wine made in the Preceramic Neolithic?

In stone tubs!

In the cellar of Castel San Mauro, in the heart of the Collio Goriziano, an oenological device has been designed and developed capable of realizing an idea of ​​achronic viticulture, which combines science and technology with ancestral knowledge and traditions.

The NOE...

An experience of returning to the origins. More than a tasting: an unforgettable meeting.

The Location

The price includes

Guided tour of the internal rooms of Castel San Mauro

Guided tour of the small the Great War museum

Meeting with winemaker, owner of the cellar, Manuele Mauri and guided tour of the cellar with NOE barrels

Guided tasting by the winemaker of 2 wines (Merlot ATAVO, Chardonnay CHA'AR)

The wine in the Stone - Castel San Mauro

Languages: IT, EN

Duration: 3 hours

Partecipants: 4 - 12

Price per person starting from



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