How do we select our experiences?

A shared ethical code

All of the organizations on the Vinodila’ website share our ethical code, which covers aspects such as honesty, quality and sustainability. It applies to all business activities, from in-house management to customer relations. The exclusive experiences on offer on our website stem from the passionate outlooks of our partners and the growth and training programmes that we specially tailor for every single company.

Vinodila’ is our dream. We pour all of our experience and enthusiasm into it, because customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success.

What do we offer you?

Our travel concept.

Every experience revolves around YOU

Learn to appreciate the area and its products. If you don’t just visit a place but really get to know it, the experience is much more fulfilling and everyone gets something out of it, including on a personal level.

Authentic, memorable experiences

Find out about local traditions, activities, everyday habits and places off the beaten track. Let producers introduce you to the area’s unique fragrances and flavours.

A new concept of sustainability

A high standard of sustainable tourism that involves not just an environmentally friendly approach but also a lifestyle revolving around fairness, transparency, harmony and thinking of others.