Sebastiano and his Cheeses - Malga from Alta Carnia


The mountain calls and Friuli answers - with all its natural beauty and culinary traditions. Whether you’re a family or a group of friends and you’re looking for an experience with a difference, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

This is Sebastiano - the food artisan, who in the heart of Sauris in Malga Alta Carnia, takes daily care of his cheeses, employing production techniques used for centuries in the making of this traditional Malga cheese from Carnia.

An ancient art in the tradition of cheese-making.

Discover what Malga cheese is and the "raw milk" method, that is, cheese made from freshly milked animals, its nourishing properties, its history and the aging process.

Wonderful stories from passionate and hard-working cheese-makers.

Sebastiano’s father Pietro passed on the love for this profession to his son, the art of carefully refining and tasting cheese as it goes through the aging process until it is ready!

In the stunning alpine mountains of Sauris, Sebastiano is ready and waiting for your visit so he can share his cheese-making history with you – an experience where you will taste the cheese, the land and traditions of this small,  historical and beautiful area – Carnia Friulana!

And if all this isn’t enough, you can sponsor a wheel of cheese ... yes, you read that right!

But we’re not telling you any more ... Come and find out for yourself!

The Location

The price includes

  • Guided tour by the “affineur” Sebastiano
  • Cheese tasting with grissini and beer
  • “Sponsor a cheese wheel” presentation



Malga Alta Carnia experience available afternoons only.  Contact us for booking details.


Sebastiano and his Cheeses - Malga from Alta Carnia

Languages: IT

Duration: 2 hours

Partecipants: 6 - 12

Price per person starting from



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