A tasting in a cup in the capital city of Coffee

Turning back in time while visiting La Triestina Roastery

Not only wine but also coffee! Because we all know that Friuli is also home for this drink, for most of us essential!

Are you ready to try a different and unique guided tasting?

Then all you have to do is to reach Triest, the city intimately linked to the world of coffee, which is why it is called "the Capital city of Coffee".

Among the streets of the Old Town, in the historic center of Triest, a unique place that survives the time, an authentic old-fashioned roastery, an institution, and one of the most suggestive roasteries in Triest.

The La Triestina Roastery, a typical and historic restaurant located in one of the most beautiful areas of the historic center of the city will guide you through a sensory journey into the world of arabica! You will discover raw and roasted coffee, in one of the few coffee tastings still active today in the city, a symbol of the great bond that the people of Triest have with coffee.

You'll be escorted during a tour that will trace the history of these beans here in Triest and then you'll be guided through a tasting of a coffee blend made of 97.5% Arabica and 2.5% Robusta.

Once the tasting is finished, a gem: in the back of the shop you will discover the small and historic roaster.

What are you waiting for? Book this authentic experience!

The Location

The price includes

  • Guided tour of the La Triestina Roastery in the Capital City of Coffee-Triest, with historical references and a tour of the old roaster;
  • Guided coffee tasting 97.5% Arabica and 2.5% di Robusta blending;
  • A surprise gift for you!



The roaster is deactivated, as the regulations for CO2 emissions no longer allow roasting within the historic center.

A tasting in a cup in the capital city of Coffee

Languages: IT, EN

Duration: 1 hour

Partecipants: 1 - 10

Price per person starting from



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