The Friulian Gold #specialepasqua2023

Discovering the most precious regional native wines

Have you ever drunk liquid gold?

Well no, it's definitely not feasible... but in Friuli it is!

This special spring 2023 and Easter package, is going to take you to meet two of the most representative wines of the region, synonymous to quality, which carry the flag of "few but good" high.

In fact, both are vinified in very few hectares in the smallest DOCGs in Friuli: real crus.

We are talking about Ramandolo and Picolit.

Set off with Vinodilà to discover the secrets of these particular blends that are intertwined with the history of Friuli... and which in part also wrote it!


Experience 01

Friuli is the region with the most autochthonous vineyards in Italy ever. 

You can't visit our Region without tasting its fruits...

Let's start from the first cru of Friuli:

To get to know Ramandolo, one must start with those who know this notorious sweet wine well!

At the foot of the rolling hills of Friuli, in the small town of Nimis, we can find one of the pioneering wineries in the sector: Dario Coos.

It's time to get lost in the special notes and scents of two dessert wines par excellence: Ramandolo and Picolit.

You will discover how much difference it makes to vinify in steel rather than in barrels. And again how much time is the key to really bringing out the scents of wine.

You will drink the real gold of Friuli!

The Location

Wake up, spring has come!

Experience 02

Spring is in the air and Nature awakens!

There’s no better way to inaugurate the new season than waking up with a view of the hills and vineyards.

Spring is the time when even the vineyards recover from their winter torpor, and begin the phases of their life that will lead them to produce the precious fruits towards summer, which will then be harvested at the gates of autumn.

The I Comelli Farmhouse with its family management will make you feel at home: you will taste the traditional dishes and enjoy the landscape from your rooms with a rustic and characteristic Friulian taste.

The experience of Friulian cuisine continues at breakfast and dinner, through homemade and tasty dishes cooked by the skilled hands of the cook Livia.

Let yourself be conquered by the taste of goodness!

The Location

A Leisure Stroll to Discover Udine

Experience 03

Among the spring flowers on its windowsills, every morning Udine (Udin in Friulian, Videm in Slovenian and Weiden in Friaul in German) comes to life and breathes with the rustling of the narrow streets of its medieval old town. We will go to discover its beauty gems, step by step, through a guided tour.

After immersing ourselves in its streets and squares, after admiring the Loggia del Lionello and the Castle of Udine, we will go to visit the Oratorio della Purità, the Civic Museums of the Casa Cavazzini and the Cathedral, known by the locals as the "Il Duomo".

Here you can let yourself be transported back in time by the immortal works of the eighteenth-century Venetian artist Giambattista Tiepolo and his son Giandomenico, with an immersion in the full period of the diffusion of the Enlightenment.

Udine awaits you vibrant and quivering with the desire to be discovered. Are you ready to go?

The Location

The essence of the vine in distilled gold

Experience 04

Demonstrating a great passion for the most ancient distillation techniques, the historic G. Ceschia distillery in Nimis has a tradition of over 100 years in the distillation of Ramandolo pomace and ranks among the first places when it comes to Friulian distillation art.

Our grappas are born from the skins of the golden and juicy grapes, which transfer all the savoir faire of our terroire to the distillate. In the Ceschia distillery we will let you taste the native grape varieties of which Friuli is proud to be the master, the traces of the winemakers' hands and last but not least, of the Master Distiller, proud descendant of Giacomo Ceschia, the founder.

It all began way back in 1886, with the use of one of the first traveling stills. After the winemakers fermented the pomace for at least three weeks in sealed vats or barrels, covering them in layers of leaves, earth and ashes, the magic of distillation began, in other words the slow condensation of this essence of the vine, drop by drop.

Today the traveling still is just a memory. Ceschia grappas, on the other hand, continue to be distilled always using very high quality raw materials and following the original recipe from 1886. They are available for sale together with a selection of typical Friuli products, including a wide selection of Ramandolo D.O.C.G. wines, for those of you who want to take home these unique fragrances.

And this is the right opportunity to cross their door. Don't miss it!

The Location

The price includes

  • guided vertical Ramandolo and Picolit tasting 
  • light lunch in the winery
  • visit and spirits and chocolate tasting
  • overnight stay with dinner and breakfast
  • guided tour of Udine and its artistic and cultural beauties

The Friulian Gold #specialepasqua2023

Languages: IT

Duration: 365 days

Partecipants: 2 - 10

Price per person starting from



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