Bon dai! (“Go on” in local dialect)...Beer! Bondai Craft brewery


At Vinodila’ it’s not only about our selection of eye-opening and mouth-watering wine experiences and local products, it’s also about locally brewed craft Beer!

Bondai Craft Brewery began in a small town called Sutrio in the heart of Carnia!  The name of the brewery is a play on words combining the local dialect with BONDI in Sydney where Luca dalla Torre discovered his love of beer…he’ll explain!

 "Bon Dai" for us Friulians is a sort of “filler” word meaning "Okay, go on...".  It is this wonderful combination of experience, where Italy and the outside world, where home and abroad meet, that really characterizes Luca’s brews!

So what do we mean by "craft” beer?  Specifically, it refers to selected ingredients which are unpasteurized and unfiltered with no preservatives.

These basic selected ingredients are water, barley malt, hops and yeast.

Drinking a craft beer means taking a moment to ponder over the beauty and flavors of a product so inextricably related to the territory, whilst at the same time savoring its fine and unique  aromas.

Find out how a craft beer is made…the various phases of production from grinding to aging.  You’ll then taste 7 beers in the Tap Room, a room made entirely of wood which creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, in short and in dialect that’s "bon stâ" (literally meaning “good stay” and “stay good!!”).

And that's how you'll end up saying "bon! Go on ... one more!" Luca and Arianna will then offer you 4 beers of your choice to be enjoyed in your own time with whoever you like!

The Location

The price includes

  • Guided tour of the brewery’s production laboratory
  • Tap Room Tasting - 7 draft beers with small appetizers
  • 4 beers of your choice to take home


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday visits between 16.00 and 20.00.

Saturday & Sunday between 11.00 and 13.00 and 16.00 and 20.00.

BONDAI is located in Sutrio, at the crossroads to the entrance of the village and the access road to the famous Mount Zoncolan.



Bon dai! (“Go on” in local dialect)...Beer! Bondai Craft brewery

Languages: IT, EN

Duration: 2 hours

Partecipants: 4 - 10

Price per person starting from



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