Honey bees and their golden nectar!


// At 5:00 PM

How often have you heard people say how important bees are for life on our planet? We met Laura who created this unique experience for you to find out all about the world of these little black and yellow critters and the sweet gold they make.

Le Api di Laura (Laura’s Bees) is a small beekeeping farm located close to the mountains in the heart of beautiful Pinzano al Tagliamento in the region of Friluli Venezia Giulia.  The main apiary (honeybee farm) and honey collecting lab are here with the bees living in the nearby forest overlooking an enchanting stream and waterfall, all just a stone's throw from the Tagliamento River – a perfect environment for collecting nectar and pollen.

Watch the bees as they dance around looking for pollen (and don’t worry, you’ll be at a safe distance!)   Laura will be your guide as she tells you all about the bees and the importance of their role in the ecosystem.

Visit the apiary and honey extraction lab and learn how the extraction, maturation and packaging of honey takes place, right up until the production of beeswax.

Visit the “learning” hive and see how bees live, operate and communicate, the workers, the drones and the queen.

And finally, a gift just for you!

A truly unique opportunity for an experience with a difference!

The Location

The price includes

  • Observing and learning about the bees and apiary from a safe distance
  • Guided visit around the honey extraction lab, learn about the maturation and packaging of honey, up to the production of beeswax
  • Guided observation of the learning hive, how bees are organized and communicate, the queen bee, worker bee and drone
  • Free gifts: 2 x 125g  jars of honey (type depend on seasonal production) and a beeswax candle.



Opening hours:

  • Sunday 26th June 5.00pm


Please inform us of any insect bite allergies

Honey bees and their golden nectar!

Languages: IT, EN, ES

Duration: 2 hours

Partecipants: 2 - 10

Price per person starting from



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