HORSES AND HARMONY - Società Agricola Fontana

Visit Claudia at Santo Stefano di Cadore where you will fall in love with the horses and become a horseman for a day.

Treat yourself to an enchanting experience in a magical mountain location, Santo Stefano di Cadore, on the border of Veneto and Friuli!

The staff at Società Agricola Fontana will welcome you into a warm and familiar, fun and educational environment.

A great passion for nature, care and sensitivity towards others are the driving forces behind this large family, where all the elements exist and live in harmony with each other.

Experiences for everyone, even the physically fragile, all thanks to the skill and careful attention of the dedicated staff.

Choose from a selection of unique and fun experiences.

From English riding lessons to beautiful walks in the mountain landscape.

Romantic horse and carriage rides which will take you on an extraordinary trip into the past.

Before mounting your animal, an expert horseman will give you and your horse a few minutes to get to know each other so that you both feel at ease...such free, majestic and sensitive creatures need to feel as comfortable and confident as their riders!

The little ones can try grooming and stroking the horses, climbing into the saddle and taking a stroll in the nearby green pastures.

The children can get on the horse or simply stroll alongside the donkeys – all of which have been trained to provide a therapeutic experience.

With a degree in nursing and qualified in pet therapy Claudia offers a multitude of soothing and beneficial experiences.  These include working with anyone who has mental health issues such as hyperactivity, autism, anxiety and depression.

With a variety of fun experiences to choose from for both young and old, Società Agricola Fontana also offers exhilarating rubber raft snow tours (for children) and horse-drawn sleighs (weather permitting!)

For those who want more contact with these splendid creatures you can try your hand at grooming and taking further care of them alongside the dedicated staff!

The fun doesn’t stop there! There are horticultural activities, entertainment, leisure and educational activities, relaxation and more, depending on the season! As well as the chance of taking home some of the delicious fruits and vegetables grown and sold!

And remember...if you want to take a romantic stroll with your loved one, Claudia will entertain your children (over 6, snack included) to give you that much needed time off!

Come and visit, we’re waiting for you!

The Location

The price includes

Activities to choose from - just contact us via Whatsapp or by clicking on "book":

  • English riding lesson one hour: € 22.00 per person
  • Horseback ride (maximum 4 people) depending on route, capacity and duration: € 48.00 per person
  • “getting to know the horse or donkey” for adults and children (over 6) 1 hour: € 16.00 per person
  • “getting to know the donkey” for children under 6 (excluding ride in saddle) 1 hour: € 11.00 per person
  • Pet Therapy 1 hour: € 27.00 per person
  • 10-minute rubber raft snow ride: € 6.00 per person
  • Horse-drawn sleigh ride 30 minutes: € 53.00 per person
  • Half day for your children in contact with the staff, taking care of the horses (snack and insurance included - children over 6 only: € 27.00 per person

HORSES AND HARMONY - Società Agricola Fontana

Languages: IT

Duration: 1 hour

Partecipants: 2 - 5

Price per person starting from



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