E-bike excursion and Cooking Class with the Friulian Food Blogger


Our Friuli is home to some of the most evocative villages in Italy, including Sutrio. This ancient mountain village is historically known for the skill of its craftsmen in working and carving wood and for the picturesque houses that line the streets.

Discover, together with E-bike guide Olivier, the beauty of Sutrio, enjoy the fresh air and surrounding nature as you prepare for your cooking class made in Friuli in Chiara's kitchen, our Friulian Food Blogger!

In the warmth of her Sutrio kitchen put yourself to the test as you prepare Cjarsons, a typical first course dish from Carnia, a territory located in the north of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. Once finished, complete your experience by sharing your dishes for lunch with Chiara and Olivier, in a truly authentic atmosphere.   Local, just the way we like it ... and you!

Meet your E-bike guide: Olivier Dèchance!

Experience 01

// At 10:00 AM

I’m Olivier and yes, I’m French.  Myself, my wife Chiara (yes, that’s our very own Foodblogger!)  and our 2 children live in Carnia in the middle of the mountains, a place I’ve fallen in love with.

I love sport and the mountains spending my free time getting to the top by bike or skiing and it really does make me feel good!

Since 2020 I’ve been an “E” and mountain bike guide and love taking friends and tourists on a discovery of Carnia, offering routes and adventures for all levels.

I can’t wait to take you on a new experience immersed in the heart of nature.

The Food Blogger: Chiara Selenati!

Experience 02

// At 12:00 PM

I’m Chiara Selenati, born in 1980 in Carnia and I love cooking, especially pastry baking.

After my degree and 7 years in France which allowed me to share my recipes on my blog, discover new products, new cultures, I returned to my birth home Friuli Venezia Giulia and so I completed my cooking training.

Along with 5 other bloggers I started Bontat (Bontà), the first free Friulian cooking magazine, with the aim of promoting products from our amazing region.

In my beloved Sutrio I also do lots of cooking courses for kids too; I’m waiting for you for an authentic cookery class and you’ll feel totally at home!

You’re all welcome!

The price includes

  • Easy e-bike ride in and around Sutrio guided by Olivier:  departing at 10.00am from Sutrio (UD) – duration approximately 2 hours
  • E-bike hire and guide included
  • Cooking class “Cjarsons: the dish of Carnia” – with Chiara in her kitchen, duration approximately 1 hour
  • Lunch – enjoy what you prepared (wine and coffee included)



In the case of bad weather Chiara and Olivier will organise a tour of Sutrio with a visit to the Teno Nativity Scene, Bottega del Ricamo, Bondai craft brewery, Alto But Dairy.

E-bike excursion and Cooking Class with the Friulian Food Blogger

Languages: IT, EN, FR

Duration: 4 hours

Partecipants: 2 - 4

Price per person starting from



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