A night at the Mill as the wines lead the way


As we enter into the summer months what could be better than sunny days and balmy nights whilst sipping on a good glass of wine in wonderful company!

And indeed why not, even when you’re close to home!

Spend an evening at Stefano’s welcoming Mulino dell’Abbazia and allow Simone to guide you through his rather special  Bucovaz Wines winery.  Sample their goods, the result of much research into their Friulian roots as well as coming from distant lands!

…there’ll also be a surprise waiting for you! A little something to take home to remember  this moment!

A night in a charming old Mill!

Experience 01

Where Collio meets Colli Orientali is where you’ll find Stefano and Francesca’s Mulino dell'Abbazia Country Resort.

Located out of the way in the middle of the countryside, your hosts will welcome you to a peaceful stay in their converted mill where you can switch off and tune in to the relaxing sound of the running river and you will then meet Morfeo.

Soak up the peaceful surroundings in this authentic, rural paradise where the cogs and gears of the old mill and the familiar atmosphere fill you with serenity and tranquillity.

And just before you go to sleep, a welcome drink awaits you in the warm and traditional taverna!

The next morning wake up to a delicious and energetic breakfast à-la-Mulino Dell'Abbazia!

If that isn’t enough Stefano will show you the sauna for some added rest and relaxtion!

The Location

Our Bucovaz Roots

Experience 02

// At 10:00 AM

The starting point is Vie di Bucovaz – Our Roots.

Go on a fantastic journey through Bucovaz wines, between the storytelling, wine-making, flavours and  wines that have come from distant lands, places visited by Simone Bucovaz as he travelled across the World.

Bucovaz’s roots mark the starting point but also the return.  Want to know why?

You’ll find Bucovaz Wines at the crossroads between the DOC Grave, Colli Orientali and Collio areas of Friuli where this journey began.  Go on an adventure with the Bucovaz’s and listen to tales of the land and its native grape varieties, as you take a moment to relax and switch off.  Be transported into the heart of this family business and enjoy the stories and experiences that represent Bucovaz today.

This will follow with a winery visit, learn about their techniques of vinification, how they make their wines!  You will be accompanied throughout by the family, each of them sharing a different experience with you.

The final destination will be the tasting of the winery’s most important wines, all paired with local, typical Friulian products, prepared there and then.

Simone and his family will take you on a journey through wine and the world.

The Location

The price includes

  • One night in double room with evening aperitif and breakfast.  Aperitif in the tavern of the Mulino dell'Abbazia, sauna available
  • Guided winery tour through Bucovaz Wines by Simone or Serena.  Visit the production rooms, from the grapes to the finished bottle
  • Guided tasting of 4 Bucovaz wines
  • Gastronomic pairing with typical cheeses and cured meats
  • WinePass Bucovaz;
  • Playlist Spotify;
  • Special promotional offers when you buy their wines
  • …and a surprise!



A night at the Mill as the wines lead the way

Languages: IT, EN

Duration: 2 days

Partecipants: 1 - 10

Price per person starting from



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