2 nights in the land of Refosco di Faedis – Ronc dai Luchis


You know you’re in the right place when flavor, aroma, sustainability and history come together and you find yourself at Ronc dai Luchis, in the Colli Orientali Friulani, where the De Luca family awaits you, to take you on an experiential journey through their vineyards and olive groves.

Spend 2 nights in the welcoming apartments of the agritourism, indulge in a delicious picnic on the top of the hill in the Roccolo and taste local cuisine from Faedis.

Follow trails and discover castles, churches and forest to then lounge by the pool and sip on an exquisite glass of Verduzzo Spumante!

A Dionysian Experience

Experience 01

// At 4:00 PM

Immersed in vineyards, olive groves, vegetable gardens and beehives you will taste fine wines, extra virgin olive oil and honey from the De Luca family.

With over 250 years of history Ronc dai Luchis takes great care of their vineyards and olive groves, producing cold pressed olive oil.

Visit the local farm and agricultural museum and take a stroll as you learn about the native Refosco di Faedis, lovingly told by the winegrower

Complete your day in style as the oenologist guides you on a tasting of 3 wines, olive oil and honey for a fully rounded experience.

The Location

Taste authenticity

Experience 02

// At 7:00 PM

No good wine is without a plate of Cjarsons!

We’d like to show you the most authentic restaurants offering the most delicious menus!

Restaurant “Ai 9 Castelli” - once a meeting place for local winegrowers and farmers from Faedis and nearby. Today, you can sample traditional dishes including hand-rolled pasta, homemade cakes and bread and naturally, a fully stocked wine list, leaving nothing to be desired.  Celiac dishes also available.

Agritourism "Daur de Lune" – partly restored from an old farmhouse, their products come directly from their land where dishes are prepared in typical Friulian style: musetto and brovada, salami in vinegar, frico and the famous gubana, regional specialities that will leave you licking your lips.

Trattoria "Al Postiglione since 1938" -  the Agosto family welcomes you to their deliciously simple cuisine, prepared and created with love.  Enjoy a homemade meal, from appetizer to dessert, all prepared with local ingredients and paired with Friulian wines.  Vegetarians dishes also available.

Advance booking advised.

A food and wine experience not to be missed!

A night in the Country

Experience 03

Stay at Ronc dai Luchis and enjoy natural beauty in a peaceful and healthy environment set in lush, green hills where the rhythms of nature and local history will leave you wowed.

Each apartment has a kitchen, one or more bedrooms, a living room and private outdoor area, including the use of the swimming pool exclusively for our guests!

During your stay you are free to use the “Dall’Orto alla Tavola” service (from the vegetable garden to the table), where you are welcome to take your favourite vegetables from our vegetable garden to prepare your 0km lunch or dinner in the comfort of your apartment if you so wish.

A magical place for those who enjoy being outdoors surrounded by luscious vineyards and striking sunsets!

The Location

History, nature and....Relaxation!

Experience 04

// At 8:00 AM

Ronc dai Luchis is perfectly located to take you on walks through countryside rich in history, culture and art.  What could be better than sipping a delicious glass of wine by the pool after a trek?

Faedis has routes for all tastes, all well signposted and well taken care of.

If you’re a history lover, take a step back into medieval times.  Take a look at Castello di Zucco with its quaint XVI century church,  Castle di Cucagna with its impressive tower which has been completely restored.  Visit the Porzûs cottages, the site of a historical tragedy in February 1945.

If, on the other hand, you prefer art, visit the Church of San Pietro, a gem of Faedese artistic heritage and the Church of San Rocco with frescoes from 1300-1400, paintings dedicated to San Giorgio.

Visit the Farcadizze valley with its stunning views, Monte San Lorenzo, Monte Joànaz and the Canal di Grivò with its old mule track. "Nel ban", a restored network of paths will put you in the heart of natural, stunning beauty completely immersed in peace and tranquility.

There are trails for everyone, from tourists looking for an easy stroll to the more serious trekker.  Discover the hidden treasures of the Colli Orientali and on your return relax in the De Luca family's pool overlooking the vineyards and Friulian Dolomites.

Lie back on the sun loungers in the shade of the wooden pergola ... whilst sipping a glass of excellent Verduzzo Friulano Doc!

Fine flavors and rich aromas

Experience 05

// At 11:00 AM

Go back in time and indulge in a picnic all prepared with 0km fresh ingredients on the Roccolo!

And what could be a better way of tasting authentic delicacies than with views of centuries old vineyards and olive groves!

Here in Faedis, in the charming Roccolo of the De Luca family, taste regional specialities prepared lovingly by the expert hands of local farmers, knowledge and experience passed down for generations so that even today the food and wine is prepared with love and dedication.

We have also thought about those of you who value sustainability!  Select typical products at the local shop and prepare your own lunch!  Il Forno Di Nonno Elio has mouth-watering freshly baked cakes and bread, cured meats, cheeses, fresh ricotta and fine artisanal yoghurt.  And finally, the winemaker will suggest which wines to pair with your gastronomic selection!

A feast for the senses that will satisfy and move you!

The Location

The price includes

2 nights in the land of Refosco di Faedis – Ronc dai Luchis

Languages: IT, EN

Duration: 6 days

Partecipants: 2 - 10

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