Sensory experiences and tours in the most stunning locations in Italy!

Relax in the hills at Le Mandolare

Two days in the Colli Berici - Take a dip in the pool with breath-taking views...

2 days


Gourmet in Collio – Ferruccio Sgubin

A gourmet aperitivo with breath-taking views of the Collio hills awaits you at cantina Ferruccio Sgubin!...

2 hours


Passato e sapori della laguna di Marano

Tra casoni dei pescatori, vigneti circondati dalla laguna e tipicità enogastronomiche! Non è il paradiso terrestre, è Marano Lagunare...

8 hours


Wine behind the scenes - Le Due Torri

The "stage" of the wine is wonderful, but the emotions that the "backstage" conveys are incomparable...

3 hours


Vineyard Safari - Conte d'Attimis Maniago

A safari without lions but among Friulian grapes: a unique adventure between nobility and flavors...

3 hours


Wine & Design - Perusini

An unusual and fascinating cellar... the Torre Cantina is an architectural delight immersed in the hilly landscape of Friuli...

2 hours


Exploring the land of Refosco di Faedis

The breathtaking landscape, the majestic castles and rocks, the whole kingdom of the Refosco. Discover one of the most appreciated Friulian red wine......

4 hours


A wine with style - Tenuta di Blasich

A special tasting at Tenuta Blasig among historic barrels of the 1700s, frescoed rooms, a vast centuries-old park and gardens of ancient rose gardens...

2 hours


Eighteenth-century Charm - Villa De Puppi

Surrounded by the greenery of its gardens, Villa De Puppi houses a splendid cellar... Come and discover it!...

3 hours


Go Red

Gorizia turns deep red like its Rose and the fire that warms up the winter! So, if Christmas is just around the corner, how about letting him in?...

3 days