Sensory experiences and tours in the most stunning locations in Italy!

Buzzed from wine but not out of mood! #specialepasqua2023

Are you ready to "dive" into the hidden Sacile?...

365 days


The wine in the Stone - Castel San Mauro

From the vine, to the hand of man, to end up in stone! Tell me if this isn't real magic. Let yourself be enchanted by this incredible mystery...

3 hours


Wine & Grappa

Il Collio fa da sfondo a Tenuta Villanova. Qui vi aspetta una degustazione in cantina, tra vino e grappa!...

1 hour


Tasting along the Via del Doge – Vendrame Vignis del Doge

Is it possible to experience a piece of Venice without going to Venice? Indeed it is! Come and visit winery Vendrame Vignis del Doge for just that!...

2 hours


Wine and Rococo - Villa Pace

Discover the wonders of art in the heart of Friuli, sipping good wine among the frescoes of Villa Pace...

2 hours


Discover the wines and history of the Count of Attimis-Maniago

Wine and local flavours await you on this 15th century estate and historical residence of local nobility, the Count of Maniago....

2 hours


A tasting from the heart of nobility – Attimis-Maniago Winery

Discover elegant wines from this historical estate in the heart of Colli Orientali…...

2 hours


Una notte nella Udine più autentica, ceramisti per un giorno

Un lusso semplice e local, per scoprire lati nascosti della città di Udine...

2 days


A Tailor-made gift voucher just for you!

Looking for the perfect gift for someone special? Look no further, you’ve come to the right place!...

730 days


Sebastiano and his Cheeses - Malga from Alta Carnia

Learn traditional techniques for refining and aging cheese – and there’s a surprise in store for you!...

2 hours


Dream spring in Tuscany!

The De' Medicis knew something about it... Fiorentina, good wine, truffle hunting! Now it's in your hands!...

5 days


Due Notti con vista Castello - Appenino di Parma

Siamo pronti a farvi toccare con mano la tradizione emiliana: tra cantine, e-bikes, prosciutto e il magnifico Castello di Torrechiara....

3 days