Sensory experiences and tours in the most stunning locations in Italy!

The Triumph of Bacchus

A day dedicated to pleasure, relax and taste. A wine-terapy session and a wonderful wine tasting in a Monferrato Cantina is what you need to take a break...

1 day


Balsamic Vinegar from Friuli: Midolini – a unique vinegar

Wine tastings are the norm, but balsamic vinegar tastings? If you are in love with Friulian cuisine, don’t miss a visit to the biggest Vinegar cellar in the world right here in Friuli!...

2 hours


Wine vs Beer - Azienda del Poggio

Tifosi della birra e tifosi del vino: schieratevi. È tempo di decidere quale sarà l'abbinamento che accompagnerà i prodotti gastronomici....

1 hour


On horseback, wine tasting in an authentic Collio winery

Splendid hills entirely covered with vineyards and the finest wines of the area. Discover the DOC Collio and live an unforgettable experience...

2 hours


Discover the wines and history of the Count of Attimis-Maniago

Wine and local flavours await you on this 15th century estate and historical residence of local nobility, the Count of Maniago....

2 hours


Wine Box Experience: the winery comes to you!

A special gift for your other half, a visit to a winery of your choice plus 3 bottles of their wines to sample!...

365 days


Wine to warm your heart – Vini Pascolo

During the most magical time of year try a unique experience with Alessandro Pascolo and his wines made with pure love!...

2 hours


A tasting from the heart of nobility – Attimis-Maniago Winery

Discover elegant wines from this historical estate in the heart of Colli Orientali…...

2 hours


Things are not always as they seem… Ronc dai Luchis

Federico de Luca has a surprise in store! Hurry and be the first to find out!...

2 hours


The Tagliamento – heart of sustainable wines - Vini Ferrin

In a world where water’s an increasingly precious commodity, Vini Ferrin offers a special occasion to learn about sustainable wines close to the Tagliamento river, still untouched by human intervention, as well as having been put forward for UNESCO status...

5 hours


Picnic and tasting a stone's throw from the Tagliamento Vini Ferrin #pasqua2023

In a world where water is an increasingly precious commodity, a sensitive and instructive picnic and tasting a stone's throw from the Tagliamento, a UNESCO candidate river....

5 hours


Una notte nella Udine più autentica, ceramisti per un giorno

Un lusso semplice e local, per scoprire lati nascosti della città di Udine...

2 days