Sensory experiences and tours in the most stunning locations in Italy!

Honey bees and their golden nectar!


2 hours


Balsamic Vinegar from Friuli: Midolini – a unique vinegar

Wine tastings are the norm, but balsamic vinegar tastings? If you are in love with Friulian cuisine, don’t miss a visit to the biggest Vinegar cellar in the world right here in Friuli!...

2 hours


A tasting from the heart of nobility – Attimis-Maniago Winery

Discover elegant wines from this historical estate in the heart of Colli Orientali…...

2 hours


A cosy hideaway in the heart of wine country

Immerse yourself in the stunning, natural surroundings of the Friulian countryside as you relax in a quaint, converted old mill and sip on wine that will warm your heart!...

2 days


HORSES AND HARMONY - Società Agricola Fontana

Visit Claudia at Santo Stefano di Cadore where you will fall in love with the horses and become a horseman for a day....

1 hour


Relaxing in tiny houses with a jug in your hand… at the feet of Mount Prat

One night for two people, in the Friland panoramic room, embraced by the mountains and wrapped in the Garlatti Costa Craft Beer...

3 days


Bon dai! (“Go on” in local dialect)...Beer! Bondai Craft brewery

Taste 7 delicious craft beers…plus a surprise complementary gift!...

2 hours


Hands-on cookery class with our Friulian Food Blogger

A Friulian Carnic cooking class ... taste tradition!...

2 hours


Sebastiano and his Cheeses - Malga from Alta Carnia

Learn traditional techniques for refining and aging cheese – and there’s a surprise in store for you!...

2 hours


Bucovaz – our roots and Family Winery

Discover the history of the Bucovaz family winery with Simone Bucovaz!...

2 hours


Carved into the Hills – Ca’Matta

Experience history and taste our organic wines grown with the ancient Veronese pergola system that frame nearby Lake Garda!...

2 hours